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At Medicare we understand the uncertainty that illness can bring. We are committed to supporting and ensuring that you receive the best quality healthcare services under the guidance of the top medical advisors at the most reasonable rates.

Medicare, being a pioneer in bringing the best and most modern diagnostic facilities to Howrah since 1989,offers a comprehensive range of all diagnostic modalities and specialist doctor consultations/treatments under one roof. Medicare has earned the trust of thousands of doctors and patients since its conception for unsurpassed treatment and care at the most cost- effective rates.



Qualified,experienced, surgeons perform micro surgery-lap chole and lap appendix, hernia, gall stones, hydrocele.


Our physicians focus on ensuring the right diagnosis and also work towards the best preventive and treatment procedures with care.


We offer comprehensive evaluation, management and treatment for all medical problems related to women.



We offer medical services for children and our pediatricians help take care of your newborn babies from birth till the age of 16 years.


Expert doctors treats issues related to the musculoskeletal system including bones,joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.


Our qualified specialists with the help of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment are able to solve all your ear, nose and throat problems.



panel of expert cardiologists offer comprehensive intensive cardiac care services and work towards prevention, rather than just focus on care.


Our Gastroenterologists help you prevent and treat any disorder affecting your digestive organs.


Experienced Urologist help evaluate and manage urological problems and also focus on prevention with non invasive services.



OUR Services

  • Imaging Services
  • Cardiology
  • Other Diagnostic
  • OPD
  • Nursing Home

Imaging Services

  • 2D echo - reduces image of the heart using sound waves.
  • Ultrasound with colour Doppler- this test help in detecting the velocity and the direction of the blood flow in the vessels and heart Chambers.
  • Chest X-ray - this test help in detecting bone problems in areas within the chest such as upper spine, clavicle and Ribs
  • Sono mammography - also known as breast ultrasound.

Cardiology Services

  • ECG –It examines the electric activity of your heart.
  • TMT - A cardiac stress test that help determine how far your heart can go before and abnormal Rhythm or blood flow to the heart muscle drops. It helps your Doctor know how your heart responds on being pushed.
  • ECG for testing the heart condition can also be conducted by our team of expert and trained nurses at your home. Just contact us.

Other Diagnostic Services

  • Facility for Colonoscopy and Oesophago Gastroduodenoscopy
  • Neurology- EEG
  • SPIROMETRY OR Pulmonary function test This is conducted to identify the quality of air you lungs can hold. It also evaluates how lung helps in adding oxygen to the blood and getting rid of carbon dioxide.
  • EEG


Our OPD out patient treatment rooms, which are a part of the clinics patient care unit, offers a number of treatment that require specialized equipment like removing stitches, incision and drainage procedures ,plaster of broken bones,plaster cutting, packing a wound to performing an examination. Our clinic offers patients treatment procedures that include:

  • Getting dressing - Typically applied to wounds or broken bones, this form of therapy is used to protect the injury received, leaving the body adequate time to heal from the same.
  • Abscess/ boil drainage - Typically carried , as a treatment protocol , for certain skin disorders that result in Pus-filled boils or abscess that needs to be lanced.
  • Stitches - it is a treatment on wounds that needs to be knighted together.
  • Nebulization- A treatment protocol that is implemented using a Nebulizer, a drug delivery device that administers medication in the form of a mist which is in inhaled in to the lungs.
  • Ear cleaning - Usually carried out for patients who are suffering from hearing blockages, ear wax or liquid build up.
  • Injection- medication directly injected into the body of a patient by experienced ,trained nurses.

  • Vaccination–Given on the advice of a doctor. For children consult our pediatricians

Nursing Home

Homewe pride ourselves for Excellent patient care/safety and Infection control.Equal treatment for all classes and good nursing care.
We are continuously updating all our facilities at all times and over the last 30 years Medicare has constantly upgraded all the departments including the Nursing Home section with state of art equipment and machines .