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Our OPD out patient treatment rooms, which are a part of the clinics patient care unit, offers a number of treatment facilities that require specialized equipment like removing stitches, incision and drainage procedures ,plaster of broken bones,plaster cutting, packing a wound to performing an examination. Our clinic offers patients treatment procedures that include:
 Dressings - typically applied to wounds or broken bones, this form of therapy is used to protect the injury received, leaving the body adequate time to heal from the same.
  Abscess/ boil drainage - typically carried as a treatment protocol , for certain skin disorders that result in Pus-filled boils or abscess that needs to be lanced.
 Stitches - it is a treatment on wounds that needs to be    knighted together.
 Nebulization - a treatment protocol that is implemented using a Nebulizer, a drug delivery device that administers medication in the form of a mist which is  inhaled into the lungs.
 Ear cleaning- usually carried out for patients who are suffering from hearing blockages, ear wax or liquid build up.
Injection services - it includes medication that is directly injected into the body of a patient by experienced ,trained nurses. 
Vaccination–Given on the advice of a doctor. For children consult our pediatricians