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Pathology Laboratory Services

PATHOLGY Laboratory Services- :- An ace when it comes to Routine,Specialized and Esoteric tests, we are a NABL certified Pathology Laboratory. Our extensive range of tests include  clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, cytogenetics, dermatopathology, gastrointestinal pathology, oncology, hematology, molecular diagnostics and surgical pathology. We follow stringent quality controls and continuous process upgradation and development.    
 Hematology - consist of various blood test such as complete blood count (CBC)
 Microbiology - this is used in diagnosing and treating microbial diseases like digestive system diseases, meningitis respiratory black disease and even wound infections.
 Biochemistry - this refers to test carried out on urine and blood such as blood sugar, lipid profile, liver function test and kidney function test.
 Team of pathologists with cutting-edge breakthrough technology. We also double check our reports whenever indicated. We are also cost effective and have a short turnaround time.
 Home blood collection facilities by our team of expert and trained blood collectors.
Emergency services for blood tests at night.